How we can help you

Simply, we show you on the internet. We're entrepreneurs ourselves and we think like businessmen. We have years of experience with brands large and small and we know what we're doing. We can advise you on your online business and make sure your advertising campaigns are effective. We know the different strategies we have tested and have a perfect understanding of what works. Moreover, during our cooperation you communicate with specialists who directly manage your advertising and avoid many business sauces.

What can we offer you?

Creation and management of PPC advertising

We focus on performance PPC advertising and use smart tools that save time and increase performance. With automation, PPC work takes on a new dimension.

Consultation and training in PPC advertising

We've trained hundreds of people, we've spent thousands of hours consulting... could you use a one-off PPC consultation, or training your entire team?

PPC campaign audits

Find out where you are making mistakes that are costing you money. Want more ideas and opportunities for improvement? Ask for an independent audit from senior PPC specialists.

E-mail and SMS marketing

Email marketing brings in loyal customers and increases profits. Properly grasped, emailing generates loyal customers, increases website traffic, raises the number of orders and makes you attractive.

Product graders

Smart automation delivers results and saves time. Clients' satisfaction with our work often leads to the extension of cooperation to other channels - management of product comparison sites (Zboží.cz,

Manage social media ads

You tell us what you want to measure, we'll make it happen. We can set up anything in Google Analytics. And if necessary, we'll set up Google Tag Manager to deploy the measurement codes. Data answers everything. We'll pull it up for you.

Web analytics and GTM

There are e-shops with goods made to be sold via social networks. It is similar with online projects. We manage Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, not only for them, but also for those less "predestined". And it works. It will for you too.

Make an appointment with us and you will see that you will love us!

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