Manage social media ads

There should be a reason to build a strategy or work with us...

But it's not, because we don't want to hide behind platitudes. We want to be in close contact with our clients and let real results speak for themselves instead of references. So what can we help you with? And do you really know what you want?

For some, social networks are fun, for others a source of procrastination. But we see one important overlap in social networks. And that's customer acquisition, be it performance, acquisition or branding. Or a combination of the two.

We sometimes hear the view that social media ads are not powerful, cannot be measured and are not worth investing in. However, we see plenty of evidence from our clients that this is not the case. And what about when you combine influencer marketing with social media advertising :).

And how is the cooperation with us?

Input analysis = getting to know

We ask a lot of questions, mapping your business and approach to business, your products, your current social media results and creatives.

If you already have some previous data, you'll definitely find a use for it with us.


We will identify deficiencies and propose solutions = first date

We need to identify strengths and weaknesses - make the most of the strong ones, learn from the weak ones and grow


We will propose a common path = first kiss

Together with you, we will prepare a specific plan and determine the expected results.

The created plan has an overlap and corresponds with the overall project and other activities.

We will advise you on creating graphics and how to work effectively with your Facebook page and your fans.


We roll up our sleeves and get to work = shared housing

A clever strategy and campaigns are necessary for success. 
But without regular and professional optimization, it won't work. 
Social networks are constantly evolving, so you need to be able to adapt, test new developments and change strategies flexibly. In short, don't rest on your laurels


Evaluating and moving forward = we shift the relationship

He who does not measure cannot drive. We are of the opinion that spending money in advertising and not measuring is the road to hell. 
That's why we take pride in evaluating ads and use the latest automated tools to do so. 
In addition, we always "translate" hard data for our clients into a language they can understand.


We didn't become experts overnight. Our certificates:


We are pleased with the satisfaction of our clients. You can be one of them.


Make an appointment with us and you will see that you will love us!

Don't be afraid to send us your question or ask for a no-obligation solution. We will get back to you.